February 16, 2017

Do you ever feel cleaner than after a good exfoliation with some body scrub? But good body scrub can be pricey, and often full of icky chemicals that do more harm than good! Most people don’t have the time or the knowhow to make everything themselves, but for something as quick and easy as a homemade body scrub, it’s worth a try, right?

Making your own homemade body scrub is pretty simple stuff and can be made using sugar or salt and with scrummy essential oils to get you smelling all gorgeous. Here are some lovely, natural recipes for homemade body scrub that your skin will love. Bring on soft, silky smooth skin!


Coffee Body Scrub with Coconut Oil from The Coconut Mama

Coffee beans

If you’re one of those people who can’t stand the smell of coffee, then this one probably isn’t for you. But if, like us, you’re a coffee fiend, then you’ll find this gorgeous scrub hard to resist! The cinnamon and vanilla are optional extras, but they’ll definitely take your coffee from amateur to connoisseur!


DIY Chocolate Sugar Scrub from Meatloaf & Melodrama

Dark Chocolate

Yeah, so this one’s just a… CHOCOLATE body scrub! That’s body scrub, not snack, by the way. Seriously, this chocolatey, sugary scrub blends sugar, cocoa, coconut oil, and vanilla to make the most tempting bathtime accompaniment ever. And no, you can’t exfoliate several times a day…


Homemade Lavender Coconut Oil Salt Scrub from One Good Thing By Jillee


Three good-for-you ingredients. Two minutes to mix. One gorgeous and effective homemade body scrub. This recipe is so simple, it’s unreal and you can whip it together in no time. Epsom salts are great for detoxing so there’s an added bonus there!


Sea Salt Body Scrub from Little House Living

Sea salt

You can’t beat a basic salt scrub, using the best ingredients. This recipe recommends opting for proper sea salt and also advises on which oils to use. And hey, if olive oil is all you have in the cupboards, then olive oil will do just fine!


Luxurious Sugar Scrub Recipe from Wellness Mama


You had us at luxurious…Seriously, homemade body scrub doesn’t get much more luxe than a sugar scrub. With just three ingredients – two if you don’t fancy adding any essential oils – this is pretty simple stuff too, which makes it even more plush if you ask us!


DIY Oatmeal & Brown Sugar Exfoliating Facial Scrub from Scratch Mommy


Posted here as a facial scrub, this recipe contains all kinds of gorgeous stuff. Often used as a great exfoliator, oatmeal takes center stage here, accompanied by honey and brown sugar. Oh and there’s jojoba oil, which basically sold it to us…


DIY Green Tea Scrub from Clipper Teas

Green tea

Great for detoxing, green tea is an awesome choice for your body scrub. Combined with exfoliating sugar and moisturising olive oil, you’re in for a real treat. You’ll be using the dry teabag contents plus brewed, cooled-down tea, so you reap the benefits of both!


Happy Scrubbing!


Leggings Size Chart

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YouStatement Product Size 1. Outer Leg 2. Inner Leg 3. Waist 4. Hips
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Sizes in Centimetres:

YouStatement Product Size 1. Outer Leg 2. Inner Leg 3. Waist 4. Hips
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XL 96 cm 71 cm 65- 92 cm 76-102 cm
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112- 140 cm
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YouStatement Product Size UK Size US Size EU Size AUS Size
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3XL 20-22 18/20 XXXL 20-22
4XL 24 22 XXXL 26
5XL 26 24 XXXL 28


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