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It’s crazy how it all started …

I’ve always had a lot going on in my head, opinions, thoughts - things I would never say out loud …  Going through life I’ve never wanted to let people down so I would always say “YES” if ever asked to do something .. but I realized that by keeping everyone else happy, often it made me feel less happy!
I didn’t have a lot of confidence, I felt pressured to look good - those days it was TV and Magazines (nowadays it’s Instagram) - full of people who had been air-brushed, slapped full of makeup even surgically enhanced... It made me feel a bit inadequate, I was body conscious and that hurt my confidence.
You see, sometimes I struggle to express myself - I don’t think my ideas are bad but somehow have always found it hard to make myself heard in such a loud world.

But one day.. something changed.

I found my voice in the weirdest way - through, of all things.. through a t-shirt that was given to me...
I can’t remember the exact words… It was something along the lines of “I’m not short, I’m just concentrated awesome..” - a bit silly perhaps, quite funny, for sure.. but I was quite short and it fixed me well, so I wore it.
Things began to change - complete strangers would read my shirt and smile - it had made them happy, and their smile made ME happy - what’s more - I was EXPRESSING myself .. ok, so it wasn’t coming out of my mouth yet, but I’d chosen to wear this shirt - it was an extension of my personality - of me!

Maybe that’s where it really began...

I found myself hitting charity shops, markets (and other cheap places) to try and find more t-shirts that expressed who I was - I loved the feeling of demonstrating my humor and passions to the world - I liked their reactions - I even had a few conversations with complete strangers just because of my t-shirt!
But it was getting harder and harder….  To find (and afford) clothing that REALLY expressed my personality was difficult .. there was stuff that came close but it wasn’t really ME …  So I began to get into making my own!
Looking back, it may not have been a great idea - it’s actually really hard to make your own clothing - it wasn’t cheap either - I didn’t have any of the fancy machines that quickly make 1000s of prints… but I was kind of proud of that - I knew that no-one else was wearing this design - and that was empowering - strangers, friends, and family were reacting to the clothing that I had designed now... In fact, I started to receive requests to make t-shirts, hoodies, and leggings - for other people!
It wasn’t easy, in fact, it was hard work, I spent so much time, energy and my own savings just making clothes for people - I wanted to put personality into every garment that I made. I wanted to achieve the highest quality possible and produce clothing that the wearer LOVED to wear .. I wanted my leggings to be the best leggings my friends ever had - leggings they wore EVERYWHERE and also showed off their personality... The same with my T-shirts and Hoodies - I wanted my customers to feel so happy and comfortable in them, for them to look good and fashionable but more importantly to feel confident - to experience the confidence that I felt when I wore that very first shirt.

So fast forward ...

I’ve been making clothes now for over 3 years, running small stores on places like eBay, Etsy, and Teespring... But finally, here is my store - YouStatement - it’s about YOU - it’s about the best quality clothes - that you’re PROUD to wear! Clothes that make you feel confident and comfortable, Clothes that you LOVE because they show the world exactly who you are and what you are PASSIONATE about! We don’t make 1000s of the same design - instead we make smaller numbers of unique designs - Because our customers are unique, and I feel that you deserve to feel good, feel confident, attract strangers, express yourself and make a statement - so please, have a look around our shop - and make your YouStatement today!

I wish you the very best!