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There's security in numbers, we want to know that we are in good company. We want to know that our chosen store is safe and secure and not a scam. So I thought I would let a selection of our happy customers answer that for you :)

YouStatement.com is proud of it's quality products it's secure checkout and it's happy customers -


Brenda Ward

Love the leggings! Good quality and great fun!


Shannon Swicegood

Love love love the leggings that I bought from here! They are great quality and wash up extremely well. My daughter is in love with the Harry Potter inspired leggings I bought her. I will absolutely by from here again!!!!

Mich Gardner

They arrived today and my daughter loves them! They’re wonderfully soft inside and a nice weight. She grew up on Harry Potter and is a collegiate runner so it’s the perfect gift! Thank you for setting my mind at ease while they were in transition!

Jaime Vaudrin

Just got my Go Vegan leggings. Soooo comfortable! I love them!


Shop Kitty

I ordered a pair of these leggings for my daughter for Christmas. She absolutely loves them! Customer service was also over the top. Thank you so much!

Hilary Clauss Eutsy

I ordered the Harry Potter inspired leggings, but didn't pay attention to the shipping time frame. I then contacted customer service and received a prompt, courteous reply. Leggings came shortly after. No run around or evading my questions. My daughter loves them! They are a nice weight, NOT SEE THROUGH, with a soft feel inside. Not sure about indoor workouts, as they made be too snuggy, but overall very happy w purchase, and super happy w service. Would purchase from them again in a heartbeat! Ty!


Marjorie Ramos

Finally got my leggings. Cool. I Love Them


Tami Abudi

Thank you for reminding me that hope is here to stay! YouStatement


Lisa Heishman-Hammons

I am so glad that I received my leggings from you statement. They were gifted, but I will definitely order a pair for me. The material is sturdy & warm. My niece says she feels snuggled up in them & they are not too hot for workouts.

It was a rough beginning for you statement it seems, but I encourage anyone to support this company, & help it grow. With team work anything is possible & I believe the inspiration from you statement will encourage others to keep on their mission.

 Rebecca Worley

As I am used to ordering items from the U.K. I knew there would be delays getting my item so when it did come it was with great delight and surprise because it had slipped my mind that I had ordered them! The only hiccup I had was from my bank because the payment was to going to a U.K. bank so I did have to call them to allow payment to go through.

I love the leggings and have had no problems. I would buy from you again with no problems.

What I would like everyone to know and remember when ordering from a company that is located outside the US they have no control over the package once it leaves them. It has to go through US Customs and that can take awhile for it to go through. I have ordered from overseas many times and this is the fastest I have ever received a package. It will take time to get anything and you must have patience. Don't expect it overnight!